May is for Mothers: Support Moms & Newborns Affected by COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, it is estimated that India could have up to 50,000 more child deaths and 2,400 more maternal deaths PER MONTH because so many key elements of healthcare are impacted. At Barakat Bundle, our work has been deemed essential by the Indian government so we are continuing to distribute Bundles to mothers and newborns in need.

In honor of Mother’s Day and Women’s Health Month, we’re raising $10,000 to help distribute 1,000 Barakat Bundles in India.

100% funded
We've raised $20,270.57 of $10,000.00. Can you #SharetheBarakat and help us reach our goal?

P.S. Thanks to our friends at Intrepid Entrepreneurs for matching our first $5,000 in donations!

Thank You For Honoring Mothers Around the World


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A very noble cause.

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Love the work you do. Thank you for being the light in a sometimes cloudy world

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