Be An #InfluenceHER This Holiday Season

Moms are the original influencers. They impact our character, our development, our mannerisms, and more. This season, we are celebrating #InfluenceHERS – those who help mothers in need thrive on their motherhood journeys. 

An #influenceHER can be a community health worker in rural India helping a woman through childbirth, a grandmother passing on generational wisdom or you sponsoring a Barakat Bundle for a mother in need. 

We all have the capacity to be #InfluenceHERS. Help us raise $10,000 to support mothers in need before the end of the year.

100% funded
We've raised $13,647.49 of $10,000.00. Can you help us reach our goal?

Thank You to Our #InfluenceHERS For Helping Mothers In Need

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In Honor Of Rahima.

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In Honor Of Aylah R. N.

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Love the work you do ..


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In Honor Of Remi N.

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