Barakat Bundle is dedicated to reducing preventable infant and maternal mortality in South Asia.

Annually, 5,000,000 infants and 300,000 mothers die.


Of that, one-third of infant deaths and one-fourth of maternal deaths occur in South Asia.



80% of these deaths are preventable through appropriate education and care.

Barakat Bundle Addresses These Barriers.

Barakat Bundle is specifically designed for the South Asian community.

Our Bundle is different because it leverages our intimate knowledge of the unique multifaceted South Asian culture to create a Bundle that is affordable, accessible, and educational.
Barakat Bundle is multifunctional.
Our Bundle contains items that are essential to a successful first year for a mother and her infant.

Bundles Include:

Medical Items

Clean Birth Kit
Cord Care



Care Items

Baby Clothes
Receiving Blanket
Sanitary Napkins

Health Education

Thermal Care
In order to ensure a successful first year, mothers can only receive a Bundle if they give birth in a health center.




In addition to our Bundles, families are gifted cribs to provide their baby a safe place to sleep.

Barakat means blessing and is derived from Arabic and Hebrew. We believe that all babies are a blessing to their families. We hope that our Bundle will be a barakat for these families.