Reduced Cost for Expectant Mothers


Delivered Directly to Local Communities


Includes Information and Training for Parents

Every year almost 5 million infants die; more than a third of these deaths occur in South Asia. Almost 300 thousand mothers die annually, about one quarter in South Asia. Most of these deaths are preventable through relatively inexpensive public health interventions. But issues of affordability, access, and education prevent mothers and infants from getting the basic care they deserve.

Barakat Bundle addresses these barriers.

Inspired by the Finnish Baby Box, Barakat Bundle is specifically designed for the South Asian culture and context. The bundle is multifunctional and contains context-specific medical items (e.g. clean delivery kit, thermal care items), newborn essentials (e.g. clothing, blanket), and parental education pamphlets (e.g. breastfeeding, hygiene). Receipt of the bundle is conditional upon mothers attending prenatal checkups to ensure maternal care and safety.

Barakat means blessing. We believe that babies are a blessing to their parents and we hope that Barakat Bundle will be a blessing for their parents.