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How Feminism relates to our Mission: Maternal Education

Over the past few months, the US and other countries across the world have been charged with a renewed energy towards female empowerment. Just last week, on International Women’s Day, women went on strike for their rights and took a day off work and school to demonstrate against economic injustices. In another event earlier this year, millions of women, and their allies, participated in the Women’s March on January 21st, 2017, and made it the largest one-day protest in American history!

Team members of Barakat Bundle participated in both, the Women’s March and #DayWithoutAWoman. Here at Barakat Bundle, female empowerment and creating gender equality are core values that we strive for through our product and education initiatives. By promoting maternal education we seek to empower new mothers and create a more equal society. The right to your own body and to make your own choices should be undeniable and we try to facilitate this choice by giving women access to information and resources that not only ensure their own safety, but translate into better health and well being of the entire family.

We believe that educating mothers and raising awareness about infant health care and safe practices are key and relatively inexpensive ways of reducing infant mortality. According to the World Health Organization, “women’s educational levels (relative to those of men) have been found to be associated with maternal death.” As education levels for mothers increase, regardless of socioeconomic status, families tend to be healthier. “Lack of education is highlighted as one of a number of stressors (along with limited money and decision-making power) affecting women during pregnancy and childbirth, creating vulnerability and increasing the likelihood of negative outcomes.”

If a woman is equal to her male counterparts in terms of education, literacy or knowledge of health practices, family units will be safer from preventable diseases and maternal and infant mortality rates will decrease. Mothers empowered with health education are able to make conscious decisions about the health, diet, and care of their children leading to healthier and stronger children in the long run.

Barakat Bundle aims to empower mothers with health education by distributing information cards and promoting discussions with health professionals. In addition to our efforts it is important that more men, women, and children get involved in the dialogue and move towards change. We have a long way to go to affect the entire system of female choice and oppression throughout societies across the globe, but we are so glad that women are calling for that change!




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