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A Human Approach to Humane Problems: Incorporating Human Centered Design

By Amanda Hahnel

At Barakat Bundle, we believe in Human Centered Design (HCD). Human Centered Design starts with the premise that understanding the populations that use your product is integral to creating designs that work. It requires observing what solutions families currently rely on, understanding psychologies and biases that prevent adopting new solutions, and co-creating products that fit the needs of your end user. HCD has been used in contexts all over the world from large for-profit organizations to small (but feisty!) non-profit start-ups like Barakat Bundle. You can learn more about the method by visiting IDEO’s toolkit.

At Barakat Bundle we’ve partnered with Agenda28, attended seminars with top practitioners in the field, and gained practice by co-designing our Bundles to make sure we understand the needs of the mothers we’re serving. Mother knows best isn’t only an old saying, it’s a way of life for us.

Human Centered Design requires innovation, empathy, and inquiry. To find the best solutions sometimes you have to create them… and create them … and create them again until you get it right. Stay tuned for our post next week about how we’ve used HCD in India and what challenges and new solutions working with mothers have provided us!

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